My goal is to share with you proven strategies and techniques to help you achieve amazing success when you hire freelancers.

Freelancer-Client is a resource created and run by me – Rian Chapman. I’ve lived and breathed freelancing over 12 years. But I’m a bit different. I’m not a freelancer.

I am a freelancer-client – someone who hires freelancers to deliver projects for me.

I’m not aligned or in partnership with any freelancers – what you read, hear and see on Freelancer-Client is unbiased, honest and intended to help you succeed and do amazing things with freelancers.

How do  I know about freelancing?

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work for myself. From trying to sell home grown carnations to my mother, to starting a rare book retailing business right through to create Internet startups. It’s in my DNA – perhaps inherited from my father who went out on his own and decided to run his own business when he was in his 30’s. I have never seen myself as a 8-5 ‘working for the man, retire and collect a pension’ treadmill forever” kind of guy.How do I know about freelancing?

But probably like you I don’t have endless buckets of money to fund my business ideas. You probably already know this – but to run a business, generally speaking you need a team, and that costs money. Salaries, insurance payments, holiday pay, office rental…It’s expensive and a bit overwhelming particularly if you are working full time and trying to set something up in your spare time.

It was also really frustrating. I’d have those moments of inspiration and thought “I think there’s a market for x”, end up mentally conceptualising an idea but take it no further.

Why? Because hiring people that I needed was well beyond my financial means. Sadly my dreams would remain just that – dreams. Which was even more frustrating when I’d see a few years later people had taken those same ideas and created mult-million dollar startups. Life just didn’t seem fair. Those that had the capital and financial backing could do the things I wanted to do.

But then I stumbled across the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss.

The title intrigued me. I read the book in two days and was hooked. The idea that a little player like me could affordably hire remote workers who could do all the tasks I’d ever needed done was mind blowing. It didn’t seem possible, but it was. Where had this book been for the last few years – perhaps an example of the Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Thanks Tim Ferriss for appearing!

My mind began racing with all of the business ideas I’d ever wanted to launch and from there I’ve started this crazy journey which has lasted 12 years so far.

During this time I have learned two important things: Fail fast and learn even quicker, and importantly – how to create amazingly successful projects with freelancers.

I had to because I didn’t have wads of cash to splash around and burn when things went wrong. I had big ideas, limited funds and I was hungry.  In truth – I did make a lot of mistakes and sometimes I wanted to give up. But I didn’t. I decided to own my success rather than let others decide it for me. You see success isn’t a milestone – something you can tick off. It’s a continual thing a collection of journeys that when consolidated make your dreams a reality.

It’s a liberating feeling (and slightly scary) knowing you are the master of your destiny and this is very true of freelancer projects. I learned very quickly (and still continue to learn) what it takes to be successful and ultimately that this responsibility is mine and mine alone. No freelancer was going to decide what my destiny looked like.

Me – unplugged

I’ve always been a big believer in doing what you love. Too many of us are stuck in mundane, average lives and have no idea of what we would truly love to do. We’ve become a race of zombies who get up, work and go to bed. Only to repeat the same thing day after day and hope we have something to show for our retirement (and we live enough years to enjoy it!)

Yet we don’t do anything about it. We complain, we make new years resolutions to change things – make some tentative steps and then for a number of reasons stop trying. You probably hear the following words often (and perhaps you even say this as well):

“I’m gonna.”

Or in official English – I’m going to.

I honestly wish these 2 or 3 words were struck out of the English language. They’re a parachute for people who try to re-assure themselves of a fantasy that will never materialise. Like buying a ticket in the lotto – in some kind of vain hope that they’ll win one day.

The reality it never happens, and we stick to the famliar path of being living zombies. It’s comfortable, and unfortunately many of us just like to be comfortable every single day. So my story is a bit different. I don’t say I’m going. I let my actions do the talking instead.

So – I’m just a normal guy who doesn’t believe in mediocrity. Everyday for me is about living an exceptional life. A life in which I can look back and feel like I’ve achieved some amazing things and beaten any challenges that came along the way.

Why should you be doing this?

If you are looking to hire a freelancer or working with a freelancer and you are okay with your project delivering what you want, then please don’t waste anymore of your time on freelancer-client.  Thanks for getting this far.

But I’d prefer not to waste your time or mine. So head on back to Google where you may have found me or go check out Mashable and get envious about what others are doing with their lives.

You seem to be fine with getting what you expect and not what you can you possibly achieve with a bit of extra work and dedication.

Harsh? Yes – but the reailty is I would be wasting my time helping you. If you want to be a part of the Freelancer-Client community you need to put in the hard yards.

Freelancer-client is about achieving amazing success with your freelancers. This means delivering things that you didn’t think were possible.  If you aren’t striving for the exceptional, then there are plenty of average people who are happy to be your best buddy and share with you their tale of unfulfilled promise.

So if you want your freelancer project to be exceptional and a springboard for great things in your life, then you should be regularly tuning into Freelancer-client.

It could just be a foundation for achieving great things with freelancers, and a springboard for great things in your life.